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Plate, Palate, Pleasure: Best Italian Restaurants in Phnom Penh

    Best Italian Foods in Phnom Penh

    Ciao, fellow foodies! If there’s one cuisine that’s universally loved, it’s Italian, with its aromatic herbs, rich sauces, and comforting carbs. Lucky for us, Phnom Penh has a delightful array of Italian restaurants that bring the flavors of Italy right to our plates. From traditional trattorias to modern Italian lounges, we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the tantalizing world of Italian dining in the heart of Cambodia’s capital. So, tighten your belts (literally) and let’s embark on a culinary journey through some of Phnom Penh’s top Italian spots.

    1. Trattoria Bello

    Our adventure kicks off at Trattoria Bello, a charming haven for Italian food enthusiasts. As you step into this cozy eatery, you’ll instantly feel the warm embrace of rustic Italian ambiance. The menu reads like a love letter to traditional Italian cooking, featuring classic favorites like wood-fired pizzas, al dente pastas, and indulgent desserts. The secret behind their mouthwatering dishes lies in the use of authentic ingredients imported from Italy, ensuring an authentic taste that transports you straight to the streets of Rome.

    2. Green Pepper – Italian Lounge Restaurant

    For those seeking a fusion of Italian flavors and modern dining flair, Green Pepper is the place to be. This Italian lounge restaurant takes you on a culinary journey that marries contemporary presentation with time-honored recipes. Picture this: delectable pasta dishes prepared with a unique twist, along with an impressive selection of Italian wines to elevate your experience. The vibrant atmosphere and attentive staff make Green Pepper an excellent choice for both intimate dinners and lively gatherings.

    3. Pizza 4P’s 313 Quayside

    Prepare your taste buds for an unexpected delight at Pizza 4P’s 313 Quayside. This Japanese-owned pizzeria might seem like an unlikely contender for the best Italian in town, but don’t let the fusion concept fool you. Their commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients results in artisanal pizzas that are nothing short of divine. From the crisp, thin crust to the creative toppings, each slice tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication. It’s a testament to how a blend of cultures can create something truly extraordinary.

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    4. Terrazza

    As the sun sets over Phnom Penh, head to Terrazza for an enchanting Italian dining experience under the stars. Nestled atop a rooftop, this restaurant offers stunning views that complement their delectable cuisine. The menu showcases a range of Italian dishes, from light antipasti to hearty main courses, all prepared with a touch of elegance. It’s a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a special celebration, where the combination of flavors and aesthetics promises an unforgettable evening.

    5. Il Forno

    Last but certainly not least, we land at Il Forno, a name synonymous with authenticity and tradition. This Italian bakery and restaurant captures the essence of Italian simplicity, serving up an array of freshly baked bread, wood-fired pizzas, and homemade pasta. The passionate chefs at Il Forno embrace the “farm-to-table” philosophy, sourcing local ingredients whenever possible and crafting each dish with utmost care. Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch or settling in for a leisurely dinner, the flavors of Italy shine through every bite.

    6. Pop Italian Restaurant: The Art of Simplicity

    Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that bring the greatest joy. At Pop Italian Restaurant, the essence of Italian cuisine is celebrated through unpretentious yet flavorsome dishes. With a focus on fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, each plate tells a story of authenticity and love for cooking. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service add to the welcoming experience, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing evening with friends or family.

    7. Pizzeria Matteo Phnom Penh: Where Passion Meets Pizza

    Calling all pizza aficionados! Pizzeria Matteo Phnom Penh is a haven for those who worship at the altar of pizza perfection. With an impressive array of toppings, crispy crusts, and a wood-fired oven that crafts pizzas to perfection, this place takes your pizza cravings to new heights. Whether you’re a classic Margherita lover or an adventurous gourmet explorer, Pizzeria Matteo has a slice with your name on it.

    8. Le Point Cafe&Bistro: A Fusion of Flavors

    Le Point Cafe&Bistro adds a contemporary twist to Italian classics, creating a unique dining experience that fuses cultures and culinary traditions. With an extensive menu that spans from Italian staples to international delights, this spot caters to diverse tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for pasta, pizza, or a delightful fusion creation, Le Point has your cravings covered in style.

    9. Romano’s Italian Pizza: Love at First Bite

    Are you ready to fall head over heels for Italian cuisine? Romano’s Italian Pizza is where love at first bite is a guaranteed experience. Their specialty lies in crafting pizzas that sing with flavors, capturing the essence of Italian gastronomy. From the gooey cheese to the perfectly balanced sauces, every component works in harmony to create pizza perfection that’s hard to resist.

    10. Luigi’s Italian Restaurant: A Home Away From Home

    Step into Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an Italian nonna’s kitchen. The warm and inviting ambiance sets the stage for a heartwarming culinary journey. Their commitment to tradition shines through in every dish, from hearty lasagna to delicate tiramisu. It’s the kind of place where you come for the food and stay for the memories.

    11. Limoncello Pizzeria & Restaurant: Whimsical Charm

    Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of Italy at Limoncello Pizzeria & Restaurant. With its whimsical décor and lively atmosphere, this place adds a touch of playfulness to your Italian dining experience. As for the food, expect nothing less than mouthwatering pizzas, tantalizing pastas, and a curated wine selection that perfectly complements your meal.

    12. Piccola Italia Da Luigi Pizzeria: A Slice of Italy

    Our journey concludes with a visit to Piccola Italia Da Luigi Pizzeria, where authenticity takes center stage. The aroma of freshly baked pizza wafts through the air as you enter, instantly setting the stage for a delightful dining experience. From the classic Margherita to inventive gourmet creations, these pizzas are a tribute to the art of dough, sauce, and toppings.

    13. La Dolce Vita: Living the Sweet Life

    Translated as “The Sweet Life,” La Dolce Vita encapsulates the essence of Italian indulgence. Nestled in the heart of Phnom Penh, this charming spot offers a sensory journey through Italy’s regional specialties. From hearty risottos to delicate seafood dishes, each plate tells a tale of passion and craftsmanship. And don’t forget to save room for their divine desserts that promise a taste of la dolce vita itself.

    14. La Bruschetta Phnom Penh: A Toast to Tradition

    At La Bruschetta Phnom Penh, it’s all about embracing the simplicity and rustic charm of Italian cuisine. Their namesake dish, bruschetta, shines as a true highlight – crispy toasted bread topped with a variety of fresh and flavorful ingredients. Beyond this appetizing delight, the menu boasts a selection of traditional Italian dishes that evoke the warmth of homemade cooking.

    15. La Volpaia – Phnom Penh: A Whisper of Tuscany

    Imagine the rolling hills of Tuscany meeting the bustling streets of Phnom Penh. That’s the feeling you get at La Volpaia. With a commitment to traditional Tuscan recipes, this restaurant creates an experience that transports you to Italy’s countryside. From savory pastas to succulent grilled meats, every bite exudes authenticity and a deep love for Italian culinary heritage.

    16. Do Forni: A Journey Through Time

    Do Forni is not just a restaurant; it’s a journey back in time to the heart of old-world Italy. The antique décor and timeless ambiance provide the perfect backdrop for a dining experience that’s steeped in tradition. Their menu offers a symphony of flavors that reflect Italy’s diverse regions, showcasing dishes that have stood the test of time and continue to captivate palates.

    17. Pepperoni Pizza: Elevating a Classic

    While the name might evoke thoughts of a classic pizza topping, Pepperoni Pizza is anything but ordinary. This restaurant elevates the humble pizza with a commitment to quality ingredients and creative combinations. From innovative toppings to expertly crafted crusts, each pizza is a work of art that pays homage to Italy’s favorite export.


    Phnom Penh’s Italian dining scene offers a delightful blend of tradition, innovation, and passion. Whether you’re craving the comfort of a classic pasta dish or the excitement of a creatively topped pizza, these Italian gems have something to satisfy every palate. From the cozy vibes of Trattoria Bello to the modern charm of Green Pepper, the culinary wonders of Pizza 4P’s 313 Quayside, the rooftop elegance of Terrazza, and the authentic allure of Il Forno, your journey through these ultimate Italian dining destinations promises to be a palate-pleasing adventure you won’t soon forget. Buon appetito!

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